Mad Max: Fury Road

When the first preview for Mad Max: Fury Road was unveiled, I like many people, thought that it would be just another lazy rehash of an old character and story as has become relatively common practice in Hollywood nowadays.

I was wrong. Mad Max is so much more than that. It is a visual triumph that breaks away from the norm of so many films that take place in dystopian futures through its use of chase sequences, minimal dialogue, and use of vibrant colors.

This illustration is inspired by the film and aims to carry with it that use of color, tension, and scale that Mad Max: Fury Road used so successfully.

Tiempo 1994

The Nike Tiempo made its debut at the 1994 World Cup Final played at the Rose Bowl in California. Nike handed the boots to ten players in the match, contested between Italy and Brazil with the latter eventually taking the prize on penalties. 20 years on, the Tiempo is a mainstay of Nike’s lineup and one of the world’s most popular boots.

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Copa Mundial

The adidas Copa Mundial has been pretty much unchanged since its release in 1982. It is the best selling soccer (football) boot of all time, having been worn by a number of the game’s legends since its initial launch more than 30 years ago. The boot remains a fan favorite for players young old thanks to its reliable build, comfortable materials, and classic style.

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